About Jordan Medlab

Jordan Medical Lab. was established in 2002 with aim of expert and new medical tests.

Jordan has launched Diversity of test including embryo health test and Rheumatology tests for the first time in Iran. At the early years the contract with Germany Biocentia, the largest Lab. in Europe was an accomplishment. The third party of the agreement was Lufthansa airways which carried the samples between Labs.

Jordan Med Lab. distinction is neither for using modern and high-end technology and cooperation with world creditable Labs nor its quality control. At Jordan Lab. Customers as human are valuable. To us this value is not just a word. customers reception and a comfortable place is principle of caring. Jordan Family is growing day by day and both mental and physical health is the shared season in this family. we do our responsibility at Jordan Health Club: Because You Are Important

Applying high-end technology and comprehensive management have been successful in foreign countries like USA. These Key actions have been applied for the first time in Iran by Jordan group.

We use European vacuum sampling instead of relevant syringe in Iran which not only is more immune but also effect test quality.

بخش ژنتیک

Genetic Ward

A wide spectrum of molecular and cytology Tests are done at this ward with different methods and also other test such as Cancer genetics, Nutrition Genetics, Health & sport genetics.

بخش هورمون شناسی

Hormones Ward

Electro Chemi Luminescence, is the most modern method in world advanced Laboratories which is applied in Jordan's Hormones ward.

بخش ایمونواسی

Immunoassay Ward

ID , IFA , Elisa , ECL Electrophoresis methods are applied during a week at Jordan Med Lab.

بخش سرولوژی

Serology Ward

HLA & typing Tests are done twice a day for the convenience of remote residence patients.

Jordan Lab Expert Articles

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