Quality Control

To achieve correct results and quality are the most important goals at Jordan Med Lab. There is no way to claim zero fault at laboratories, because of task traffics and variety of orders. Hence, at Jordan Lab. by applying comprehensive quality surveillance system, we are able to take down the faults to minimum.

From the client approach, even before that, to the test report, such quality control is mandatory at Jordan lab. we should bare in mind that test result is affected by multiple factors, which many of them refers to prior conditions such as consuming medicine and foods. using close-system sampling has enabled us to apply different quality control system.

In addition applying trade control samples with specified amount as Internal Control, is a daily routine. Also, using Professional Tests as the basics of External Control, help us to milestone ourselves, comparing other laboratories.

Jordan applies three following systems:

  1. Member of  Forums of Iran medical laboratory science quality control system
  2. Contracting with Finland quality control in 2005
  3. Contacting with Spain Biosystem quality control
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