Conditions Before Test

Find the conditions that every patient should observe befor test

Tests Patient Condition
FBS Fasting For 12-14 hours
TG Fasting For 12-14 hours, light meal for dinner
Urea Avoided meat for 48 jours
GGT, Amylase, Aldolase, Alp, Gpt, Got Fasting For 5-8 hours
Fe, Ca Fasting preferred or avoiding rich meals for 14 hours
GTT Fasting For 12 hours & avoiding rich carbohydrate meals for 3 days
Ammonia Fasting For 8 hours & avoiding smoking for 24 hours
D-xlysose test Fasting For 12 hours
Urine Early morning
Prolactin Fasting For 8 hours, Avoid physical activity and being calm, sampling 3 hours after sleep
Growth Hormone Fasting For 12 hours
ACTH & ADH Fasting For 10-12 hours, avoid activity
Cortisol Fasting For 10-12 hours
Calsitonine Fasting For 12 hours
ACE Fasting For 12 hours
Alpha-1-Antitrypsin Fasting For 8 hours, avoid smoking & birth control pills
Anti DNA No radioactive tests before sampling
OB Avoid raw vegetables, red meat, Vitamin C, Fe drops or pills for 2-3 days
Semen after PCT Avoid ejaculation for 3-5 days
آTriple test Doable on 14th-22nd week of pregnancy, no fasting is required
NST 3-60 day infant whom has been feed
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