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Congenital genetic disorders are responsible for 20 percent of infants death and it is good to know that 50% of these disorders are identifiable and can be prevented. There are at least 20/000 of genetic disorder. Genetics consultation is defined by american human genetics in 1975 as follow:

Genetics consultation is a communicative process that conveys human genetic disorders or probability of occurrence  in family. The goal of the consultation is to aware and protect families against Genetic disorder and also families with member who has already been infected with congenital disorders. while there is doubt about inherent genetic disorder, other member of the family should be informed about the risk and preventing methods. The exquisite aspect of genetic consultation is to not only concentrate on the first prototype but also other members of family at present and in future.

Genetic consultation is based on collecting correct fact about the client's genealogy and genetic disorder in the family which these information reveals prevention methods to the couples.  There is always the risk of genetic disorder for the relative and none relative marriages. Therefor genetic consultation is vital. 

old ages, smoking, liquor consumption and drugs. These are the facts that higher genetic disorder risk 

for you child and the mothers that carries one these factors should consult to the genetic experts. Approaching to an expert genetic at early stages of pregnancy or before that may helps a lot to prevent genetic disorders. By doing so, we can present a healthy generation to the future

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Jordan Genetic Department Services (Yas Medical Genetic Group)

  • Screening Test- NIPT or Cell free DNA through mother's blood
    -Rapid test of qf-PCR or MLPA on amniocentesis
    -Chorionic Villi Sampling, chromosome probe on amniocentesis
  • chromosome probe or cytogenetics
    -chromosome on Blood
    -chromosome on tissue
    -F.I.S.H (Fluorescence in situ Hybridization)
  • Genes Molecules inspection
    - Whole Genome Sequence W.G.S
    - Whole Exome Sequence W.E.S
    - Molecular probe for Hereditary cancer like breast, prostate, digestive system canser 
    - Pharmacogenetics
    - Molecular probe for mitochondria disease
    - Molecular probe for vector
    - MLPA probe for SMA
    -MLPA probe
    -Molecular probe of body metabolism for dieting and Nutrition consultant
    -Molecular probe of body metabolism for athletes  
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